The "Iona" Story

P&O Cruise Ship "Iona"

I was recently commissioned to create three large felted artworks to grace the

Reception area of P&O's new flagship "Iona"


These works were 6 meters, 4.2 meters and 1.8 meters in length and each 62 cm wide.


It was a wonderful and sometimes stressful experience,

but I was very pleased with the end results.

Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 4.25.01 pm.png

"Iona" was built in Germany and was launched from

Birmingham UK in 2021.


She is the largest ship in the P&O fleet and is currently sailing

in the northern hemisphere.

The artworks are made with hand-dye silk and merino wool and include a "Shibori" technique, which features in many of my artworks.

Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 2.03.47 pm.png