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Textiles Art

Many of my works are an experiment in landscapes and formations. These works provoke the viewer to explore the artworks up close and in detail as well as view them at a distance.   The textures, shapes and colours combine to produce a tactile, organic result. 

There is no attempt to paint a realistic scene with the fibres, but rather create a sense of place that is dimensional, textured, organic and living.


Each of my wall artworks is presented mounted and in a boxed frame.  This allows for the wool and fibres to breath and the textual qualities of the piece to be realised.

Lacewing Scarves

These Felted Scarves are a part of my 'Lacewing' series.


Each scarf is styled on the delicate tracery of veins found on the wings of an adult Lacewing Moth.

100% fine Merino wool fibre is hand-dyed and felted using a unique technique to create the intricate 'veins' featured in these scarves.  Each is individually made and patterned.  

For further details, please contact me via my contact page.

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