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"Felting - Getting Started" -  FREE

"Felted Flowers" - $60.00 USD 

 NEW "Nuno Felting" - $60.00 USD (approx $90 Australian Dollars)



“Felt Oddity” - The 3rd Dimension in Felt! (1 day)


3D Felt is out of this world!  Learn how to create ‘craters’, ‘space tubes’, ‘warps’ and other unique pieces using various resists.  This workshop is for Felters with good felt making experience who wish to learn a new techniques that will take their felting in a very dimensional direction. These techniques are great for adding interest to your bags, hats and vessels or to create sculptural pieces and felted forms. 


Warning: learning how to use resists and create hollow forms may lead to obsessive felting journeys that will have you making boots, hats, bags, tea cosies and assorted vessels.

Shibori Felt - Dimensional Textures (2 day workshop)


Participants will learn to hand-dyeing silk material as a base cloth and then using this, create a number pre-felts including ‘Nuno’ pre-felts.  These pre-felts will then be used to create different samples using the “Shibori” felting process. Participants can then decide what ‘Shibori’ processes they would like to include in making an object of their choice such as an artwork, vessel or bag, etc.  


The first day of the workshop is about preparation: dyeing silk, making pre-felts, testing and experimenting.  The second day of the workshop is using some of these prepared pieces in an object of their choice. Participants will learn how to embed the “Shibori” piece into an item and explore texture and colour balance, etc. 


Nuno Felting (1 day) 


Nuno Felting is the laminating of light weight material, such as silk or muslin with wool to create soft draping material that can be used to make garments, scarfs, soft furnishing and wraps of many kinds. 


Nuno felted material is better suited for Australia’s climate conditions as it is softer and cooler than straight felted items.


Silk or muslin will be used as a base cloth or cut and used as various embellishments.  Participants will be able to choose from smooth light-weight material to highly textured pieces, each stunning in colour and design.

Workshop Fee $95.00 p.p

$5.00 materials fee includes access to various equipment and printed notes.

Various silks will be available from tutor for $10 per metre ($5.00 per scarf length)


Fine Felted Hats



This workshop is for intermediate to proficient felters who wish to make exquisite felted hats with an individual style and sculptured finish. Using 'the double brim felting technique' participants will make a hat that requires no brim wire, stiffening products or sewing.

Workshop Fee: $220 p.p. 


Materials Fee: $15.00 p.p. include printed notes, access to various resists, use of hat blocks.


Included in your fee is a link to an online video on how to make your own hat blocks. Hat blocks are available at the workshop, but this video will give you skills to go on and make your own hat blocks without the expense of purchasing a traditional timber hat block.



I Felt Luminous! (Lampshade Making & Book Resists)


In this workshop, participants will make their own 'drum' shaped light shade while exploring the luminous qualities of felt.


We will also explore using 'book resists' that will enable you to make a fantastic, sculptural shaped hanging light fitting or table lamp.


Workshop Fee: $180 p.p.

Materials Fee: $35.00 p.p. includes 20cm drum lampshade kit, notes, access to resist material and embellishment materials.

Introduction to Felting (1 day)


For people with no or very little experience in felting.  This workshop will covering making felted balls, geodes, ropes/cords and simple flowers that can easily be turned into jewellery or decorations of many kinds.  We will also make pieces of flat felt that can be used in many applications such as soft furnishings, (cushions, place mats, throws, etc.), book/tablet covers, jewellery, etc.  Techniques will include using resists and adding a multitude of surface designs and embellishments.  Participants will learn how to join, cut, shape and manipulate felt while gaining a comprehensive understanding of the felting process.

Workshop Fee: $110.00

Certainly contact me if you would like me to be a guest speaker or tutor at your organisation or you would like to host your own Rae Woolnough Felting workshop.  


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